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Susan Simonini

glimmer 12.04.24 —

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Faridah Cameron

I hope my paintings affirm holistic human values. I learnt to sew and knit at the same time… ...

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Melissa Smith

My prints reference the landscape and shifts that have occurred as a consequence to climate change. Tasmania is… ...

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susan simonini ― glimmer

Bursting in a carnival of colours, you feel uplifted when you feast your eyes on the vibrant abstracts of Susan Simonini in Glimmer, her first Handmark exhibition.

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glover eve exhibition ― celebrating our landscape

Glover mania is here, and Handmark joins the fray with a special Hobart exhibition on Glover Prize eve. Celebrating our Landscape showcases many of your favourite artists...

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upcoming exhibition ― jennifer marshall

Eighty years of life wisdom, and more than sixty years as a professional artist, culminating in an extraordinary exhibition. Handmark’s Jennifer Marshall marks a major milestone.

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