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john lendis

snow falling into stars 03.06.22 —


linda van niekerk

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Clifford How

The strongest works are confident in execution and simple in subject matter. Simplicity is powerful. The economy of… ...

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Nick Glade-Wright

We are a nation of people who have come from somewhere else. Being a migrant from the 1960s,… ...

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Don’t miss out: follow your favourite artist

Frustrated after missing out, again, on that special work by your favourite artist? Handmark is excited to launch an innovation to keep you ahead of the game.

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Celebrating our Artists: Finalists in the 2022 Hadley’s Art Prize

Congratulations to Melissa Smith, Jennifer Marshall, Faridah Cameron and Martin Rek, Handmark's talented artists who have been announced as finalists in this years Hadley's Art...

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John Lendis – Snow Falling into Stars

John Lendis once remarked his “heart beats in two places”, and while he may currently reside in England, John’s striking new paintings pay homage to the wild beauty of his Tasma...

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