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denise campbell

entICE 23.07.21 —


winter salon

at the clarendon arms 18.06.21 —

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Di Allison

Jewellery is inherently personal. It is worn upon the body, and lends itself to storytelling. It can become… ...

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Mandy Renard

Tasmania is a creator’s sanctuary. The normalcy of living right in the thick of a thriving ecosystem amazes… ...

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Heidi Woodhead

I feel driven to create. But painting is also a way of achieving order and beauty in a… ...

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art honors ― handmark artists

Handmark artists have been making their mark both locally and overseas, including in one of the world’s richest landscape art prizes.

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evandale pop-up ― winter salon

The finest Tasmanian art, food, wine and a roaring fire. Why not make Handmark’s Winter Salon your next weekend adventure.

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bethany van rijswijk + emma bugg ― power duo

In Bethany Van Rijswijk's work, it is the plants, not people, that dominate.

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