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bare walls?

Published 16 May 2020

Bare walls?  With so many of us now working from home, let us bring Art to you!

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we’re looking forward to seeing you —

Published 16 May 2020

With the announcement that restrictions will ease from Monday 18 May, we are looking forward to welcoming you through the doors of Handmark once again and sharing our artist’s work with you in person!  Social distancing will still apply, and only ten people will be allowed in the gallery at any given time.

mother’s day — wondrous women

Published 16 May 2020

A new group of Sally Curry’s iconic women will arrive at Handmark – just in time for Mother’s Day, May 10.

And, with mum’s special day just around the corner, could there be a more perfect gift? These small playful ceramic women have attained something of a cult status, with Sally “making hundreds” over the past 20 years.

“They are definitely not ladies,” Sally laughs. “They are all individual women, each with their own distinct personality. One of the new creations that I will be bringing to Handmark is a lovely but rather gouged woman who has been battered by Corona Virus.”

She will be joined by a serene woman with a moon-like face and shell hat, that Sally has named ‘Full Moon, High Tide’. A beautiful angel will also make an appearance.

There is nothing more memorable than a gift of art to spoil mothers on their special day. And one of Sally’s unique women is a gift to treasure for life.

nick glade-wright — vital voice

Published 16 May 2020

The large stylised paintings tell a potent story about the havoc we have wrought on earth. The ‘vital signs’ of climate change – fire, drought and floods – fill the works. There are also tragic tales of refugees.

But, Vital Signs also marks a major milestone. The exhibition coincides with Nick’s 70th birthday and is the stunning culmination of his decades as a prolific artist.

“This is a very special exhibition where I have painted about things that really move me,” Nick points out. “Each painting takes on a different story, just like the different chapters of a book.”

The devastating summer bushfires that swept across Tasmania two summers ago was the trigger for Vital Signs. In Nick’s beautiful studio nestled in bush south of Hobart, the threat of fire is never far away.

One canvas shows a blaze engulfing everything in its path leaving only eerie silhouettes of gums, and a powerful message. This is heightened by Nick’s dramatic use of colour. Slashes of orange sound a warning, but at the end there is hope.

“A small blue waterhole protected from the firestorm becomes a sanctuary” Nick explains. “My paintings still have optimism, and the last works I completed for Vital Signs explore reconstruction after these horrific events.”

melissa smith — sounds of silence

Published 16 May 2020

Silence is golden in the beautiful prints of Melissa Smith’s latest offering, where depiction of nature goes Beyond Thought.

In her upcoming exhibition, Melissa explores the silence of the bush and how it allows us to go ‘beyond’ the boundaries of our busy everyday lives.

“I have always been drawn to places that are quiet. Places that offer you a chance for self-reflection and awareness, where you have the chance to clear your mind and go beyond thought in that silence.”

In this exhibition Melissa takes us to two different bodies of water that are enveloped in stillness and tranquility.

Most of the delicate prints in Beyond Thought were completed during a recent project to capture the bio-diversity around the Manly-Dam Reserve in Sydney. But, there are also scenes from Lake Sorell in Tasmania’s isolated Central Highlands.

Stillness may reign, but Melissa’s prints are a complex layering of trees, rocks, wildflowers and water in a wash of blue. A handful are fleshy-pink reflecting the colour on gum trees at Lake Sorell where the bark has been torn away.

Ironically, the beautiful silence of Melissa’s exhibition comes at a time when the covid-19 pandemic has shut down our busy lives.

“We are living in a very quiet world at the moment. It is giving us a chance to slow down and take a deep breath,” Melissa concludes.

handmark consultancy — architectural art

Published 3 April 2020

The paintings of Tasmanian artist Robyn McKinnon adorn the walls of one of Melbourne’s most prestigious new apartment buildings as Handmark continues to prove it’s ‘more than a gallery’.

With joinery from Milan, and inspiration from Frank Lloyd Wright, The Springfield in Toorak embodies the finest craftsmanship. Now, art is also taking centre stage.

Handmark was enlisted to bring Springfield’s ‘foyer to life with art’ and the results are stunning: “Most of our residents are serious collectors of art and we needed something really special to become the focal point as you entered the building,” Tisha Lee, from K2LD Architects, explained.

Embracing Springfield’s garden theme, Tisha was searching for an ‘Australian version of Monet’, and Handmark Director Allanah Dopson had the answer. She commissioned Robyn McKinnon to paint a series of three floral works for the entry.

According to Tisha the whole process was surprisingly quick and easy, taking just two months from start to finish: “The penthouse buyer loved Robyn’s paintings. He has an incredible art collection and his wife is an artist herself, so you don’t get a bigger compliment than that.”

“Next time I have another project I will pick up the phone and call Allanah and say I need something that works with my building – can you help me?”

anna weber — kitchen creations

Published 3 April 2020

Innovation and bold creativity inspired jeweller Anna Weber to create stunning pieces that feature one very surprising common kitchen staple.

With a background in interior design, Anna turned to laminate to create striking works of art that stand out from the crowd: “I know of a couple of jewellers in the UK who have incorporated laminate into their designs, but I have never heard of anyone in Australia doing it,” Anna explains.

Always keen to experiment, Anna is using offcuts of laminates, just like that found on kitchen benches everywhere, to create splashes of colour and contrast. And, her latest collection featuring earrings and a brooch, is a testament to this creativity.

“The work I am doing at the moment is with recycled oxidized sterling silver and layers of brightly coloured laminate,” Anna explains.

“I always love to explore how recycled materials can be incorporated into my works. It’s important that we don’t just see jewellery in that very narrow focus of gold, diamonds and that sort of thing.”

julie payne — vivid colour

Published 3 April 2020

Julie Payne’s upcoming exhibition at Handmark Evandale, Colour + Pencil, is awash with colour as it showcases her exciting new drawing technique.

This is the latest incarnation for the self-confessed ‘chameleon’ who began in architecture, before moving to sculpture, and now experiments with an endless array of artistic mediums and subject matter.

“I would describe myself as eclectic,” Julie muses. “I am always looking for the concept, always looking for new ideas, and always changing to explore new ways of doing things.”

Julie’s experimentation has created stunning works for Colour + Pencil, that have a ‘robust painterly vividness’ while maintaining the ‘delicacy and details of fine point drawing’. She begins with a watercolour wash, then adds detail and intensity with coloured pencils and sharpness with graphite. Varnish not only protects, but further brightens colours.

Colour and concept are centre stage, and to remove any personal angst about subject matter, Julie adopted a simple remedy.

“I decided to draw flowers because they have such wonderful colour,” Julie explains. “And, whenever I needed to produce my next artwork, I would pop down to the Salamanca Markets and grab any bunch of flowers that took my fancy.”

jock young — sunlight serenade

Published 3 April 2020

As the world grapples with a dark new future, the beautiful landscapes of Jock Young are adding a much needed dose of ‘sunlight’.

Jock’s latest exhibition ‘Sunlight’ which ‘opens’ in Hobart this Friday, is a homage to the interplay and power of light and shade in art.

“Because I work outside all the time my work is dictated by sunlight, which often reduces shapes down to childlike blocks. And, as the light constantly changes, this combines to bring an abstract quality to my paintings,” Jock explains.

“The unifying theme of this exhibition is the overwhelming sense of sunlight.”

Water is another theme running through Jock’s work, and in fact his life. He grew up surfing on Sydney’s northern beaches before heading to sea for a career in marine science.

Now, as a full-time artist, his paintings are dominated by familiar Tasmanian scenes, painted at the water’s edge. They often include structural elements, such as the old boat sheds dotted across our state.

“Water is like a magnet to me,” Jock says. “And, whenever I go to a river, a lake, or the ocean, I always make sure I have my paints with me.”

covid-19 update ―

Published 20 March 2020

Dear Friends,

We at Handmark, want to let you know what we are planning in the coming days and weeks.

Both Handmark Galleries will be open for the rest of this week, however… as a precautionary measure and to ensure the safety of our staff, clients and visitors from the spread of COVID – 19, from Saturday 21 March the galleries will be open by appointment only.

Our exhibition program will be going ahead as scheduled and the gallery staff will be working hard to promote our wonderful family of artists online. We hope you will continue to enjoy Handmark’s exciting exhibitions from your own home.

We will continue to hang each show as normal, photographing the works in-situ and sharing ‘conversational’ style videos with you to help promote our featured artist’s new work.

Online catalogues will be emailed as usual and works can be purchased online or by calling the gallery.  We will be happy to schedule appointments so that you can visit the gallery to view the works (observing social distancing protocols) and hopefully meet the artist!

Handmark will also be very active on both Facebook and Instagram and don’t forget our new online jewellery shop!

Please keep safe and take care.

Best wishes from
Allanah, Sarah, Alice, Sam, Judy, Tess, Simon, Hannah, Sally, Eleanor, Lex and Patrick.