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Rebecca Coote Printmaker

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There is something special about being on an island at the bottom of another island at the bottom of the world.

Inspired by the coastal landscape that surrounds my home in Southern Tasmania my works are a reflection on a particular day, month or time of the year.

Living by the coast my view of the landscape is constantly shifting as tides come and go and storms roll in then away again. I try to capture the shifting mood of a season; the light and colour as it falls over the landscape – in essence a feeling of the landscape. To represent these shifts I print layers over layers, shifting the plate slightly to get another imprint of the shifting tides, sunrays and storms. The process of reprinting over and over gives the print a painterly effect and the viewer a sense of the printmaking process as passing time is represented in the many layers that shift and move.

My early career focused on creating public art and kiln-formed glass and stainless steel sculpture and although still working with kiln-formed glass and stainless steel, since 2018 I’ve focused on printmaking and painting as my primary art form.

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