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I once drove toward a storm. I felt excited and captivated.

I wondered if the small trees covering a hill were also feeling the exhilaration. These themes resonate with me because I observe the anthropomorphic qualities in most aspects of nature, and love paying homage to these earthly elements.

I always knew I wanted to be an artist, and won my first prize in Grade 2. That convinced me! Studying at the Tasmanian School of Creative Arts and the University of New Mexico certainly shaped me, but my own inner drive has always kept me going.

My work celebrates a meditation on elements in nature – on a rock, a tree or its shadow, a hill, clouds, or the wind. I explore aspects of the landscape as a means of defining and expressing my ideas. I work on location, gathering information in the form of drawings and notes. To me, making art encompasses a visible manifestation by achieving a sense of an essence, mood, and presence.

I love making lithographs; it makes me feel whole. Therefore, the experience of studying at Tamarind Institute of Lithography was a defining experience. I love the combination of total control and excited anticipation that I experience when making lithographs.

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