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Hilton Owen Painter

I see painting as an ideal artform.

I enjoy being able to use form, content, and colour to pursue intellectual thought and creative processes to arrive at stimulating visual outcomes.

As I began to realise that painting was an activity I could learn about, I became interested in pursuing it very quickly. My mum worked at the Tasmanian University Art School library one night a week, and when I was 16, I would flick through the art books. A new world opened up to me. I studied the work of Francis Bacon, Lucian Freud, and Gerhard Richter, among others. I started out painting portraits before moving onto figurative work on canvas.

The concept of everyday life has always been of interest to me, and often appears in my work. It allows a broad range of subject matter, depicting people engaged in urban activities such as working, walking the street, sitting in cafes, or at home on the couch. Aesthetically and formally, my work is connected to modernism, as painters from 1880 onwards have always been very important to me.

I held my first solo exhibition at Handmark in 2008. I obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Tasmania in 2011, and I regularly exhibit my work across the country.

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