di allison
Di Allison’s art practice is based in contemporary jewellery but has extended to public art and speculative exhibition and installation pieces. Her works often suggest a degree of fragility in both their aesthetics and concept and touch on quite fundamental human vulnerabilities. As Diane comments, “We are our own islands in a common ocean. Each of us is a fragile vessel, a capsule…”. Di’s larger works sees her sometimes take, as the artist states, “… a jeweller’s aesthetic or approach of using smaller components and upscale it and see where it leads. In past works I’ve enjoyed playing with scale making some necklaces several metres long. I have [also] used pill capsules… I’m drawn to the jewel-like, bead-like quality they hold. For some of us they are such a fundamental part of each day. They are so small and fragile but wield such importance – they can literally be little life preservers, sitting along side a glass of water like a displaced life buoy.”

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