upcoming exhibition ― jennifer marshall

Image details: Jennifer Marshall, Storm Triptych, 2024, oil on linen, 137 x 183 cm

In 1962 Jennifer exhibited for the first time. This month the nationally acclaimed painter and printmaker will hold a solo exhibition of new landscapes to mark her 80 th birthday. “The way we see things in later life is so different to the way we see them when we are young,” Jennifer says. “At my age you don’t have to prove anything and can take risks, which is very liberating.” Conversations showcases Jennifer’s breadth of talent as she ranges from large oils to watercolours on paper, woodcuts and etchings.Shrugging off popular convention, Jennifer’s art is also proudly devoid of any narrative. “I am not telling a story or dealing with an issue. Each piece is simply a visual statement that will hopefully trigger in the viewer a memory or emotional response. They are imaginary spaces where something mysterious takes place.”Swathed in moody blues, Jennifer employs familiar Tasmanian motifs of wild seas and rugged coastlines to create drama and movement. Towering cliffs stand guard as a wild storm approaches in From the Sea, a powerful etching almost two metres wide. Sea Gazer takes on a contemplative mood as we view the small figure of a woman in silent conversation with the sea: “The sea is always moving and alive, and we find ourselves staring out over the water and asking all sorts of questions about life.”Jennifer Marshall’s solo exhibition Conversations will run at Handmark Gallery from March 22 until April 8. 

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