shauna mayben – women’s art prize

shauna mayben’s golden wreath, 2021, sterling silver oxidized, gold paint, 24ct gold leaf, plastic and a 0.35ct GHsi natural diamond.

Handmark Jeweller, Shauna Mayben, has added to her glittering career by being crowned People’s Choice in an important Art Prize.

Shauna’s spectacular Golden Wreath was crowd favourite at this year’s Womens Art Prize Tasmania. The beautifully delicate headpiece – crafted from gold fifty-dollar notes – is a comment on money. Shauna says her wreath explores both “the beauty of currency” and social complexities around money. It references ancient times where a victorious general was adorned with a golden crown of leaves as he led a parade of chariots. Slaves held the wreaths while whispering “remember you are mortal” into the General’s ear, to remind him that “life can be fragile and transitory, even in triumph.’