sebastian galloway ― floral treasures

Flowers that float through the air on a shimmering backdrop. This is Sebastian Galloway’s trademark, and he has delivered some beautiful new treasures to Handmark.

Late last year Sebastian stunned us with hyper-realistic and intricately detailed flowers painted on copper, in his Suspended in Bloom exhibition. “It is this intense detail that I am looking for in my paintings,” he explains. “It gets us to look closely at little things we would normally not notice.”

Sebastian has just dropped three small paintings into the gallery. In one, a glowing Teddy Sunflower with masses of detailed petals floats through space. In the others we gaze upon a single iris – one a vivid blue the other a translucent apricot – that “just popped up unexpectedly in my garden. These flowers are such amazing little structures. They are almost architectural in a way.”

Meanwhile, Sebastian is busy preparing for his Handmark exhibition next year, and much time is spent experimenting with new metallic surfaces on which to paint. We can’t wait to see the results.

Image credit: Sebastian Galloway, Bearded Iris, 2024, oil on copper, 47 x 47 cm