mona choo ― creative awakening

Mona Choo bursts back on the scene with an exciting new chapter in her artistic journey. Paintbrushes are packed away, and replaced by pastels and pencils as she unveils stunning new mark-making in the Works on Paper exhibition.

Mona admits the last few years have been something of a creative slump as she delved deeply into the “meaning of consciousness and nature of reality” but grappled with how to express these abstract thoughts. Then came her epiphany. “I suddenly burst through and everything came pouring out creatively.”

The result is her large-scale piece, The Geometry Thought. This is the first in a new series of abstract drawings that bring together concepts generated by Mona’s long-term research, exploring how thoughts shape our reality. She has found expression with a new artistic language that is both stunningly ethereal yet strikingly intricate. Original thoughts, pulsating with energy, burst out of a black void to create limitless potential.

Mona is known to us as a painter, but in this evolution she has replaced the canvas for paper: “I started my career as a print-maker, and I love working with paper and using my hands. I really enjoy rubbing the pastels into the paper and hearing the sound of the pencil as it scrapes across the surface.”