jock young ― outside

The distinct marine landscapes are ever present, but Jock Young’s latest paintings are also imbued with a new sense of freedom.

An avid surfer from childhood, vibrant landscapes wrapped around water are Jock’s much-loved trademark. Not surprisingly, his upcoming exhibition – Outside – takes us on a journey from the stunning beaches of Tasmania’s East Coast to the wild surf of South Arm. There are even boats bobbing on the Derwent. The works, a result of painting trips to Jock’s favourite haunts, convey optimism.

“I’ve been to these places regularly, but there is always something new to paint even if only by moving my easel a few feet,” Jock tells us. “My marine themes may be familiar, but these paintings are very different to past works. I have tried to bring a new freshness and vitality through a freedom of brushstrokes and a blurring of harder edges. Strangely, I have even brought in some pastel colours.”

Outside is not so much about subject matter. Rather, focus is on colour and arrangement. Geilston Bay Patterns draws on repetition, from the houses on the hill to the purple of shadows repeated in the water. In Betsey Island from Goat’s Bluff Jock returns to a regular South Arm surf spot. Here the eye is drawn to the dark cobalt blues of deep seas which seamlessly merge with the light blues of shallow waters: “Some of these paintings remain true to the original image while others take on a life of their own. My enduring fascination with the possibilities of colour, shape and line often lead me in quite different directions from where I started.”

Jock Young’s Outside exhibition runs from Friday January 28 – Monday 14 February