janine combes ― liminal jewellery

When Jeweller, Janine Combes, was told she was one of the finalists selected in the Women’s Art Prize Tasmania award she was floored. Thrilled, but floored: “As a jeweller, I certainly didn’t expect to be selected so it was a wonderful surprise,” Janine told us.

In only its second year, Janine loves that this award encompasses all artistic mediums including her contemporary jewellery. She also loves that it supports and inspires Tasmania’s band of women artists.

“It is important to celebrate the art-work of women,” Janine says. “The same gender equity issues that apply in the broader world, apply to the art world. Awards like this are especially important for young women to give them courage and confidence.”

For this award, Janine entered five handmade metal brooches from her Liminal Series that represent “the time between what was and the next.” And, with her studio on Bruny Island, the ocean’s tidal zones are her inspiration, with her brooches shaped like long razor shells and featuring shards of seaweed.

“Tidal zones are poised on the threshold,” Janine explains. “When I first came to Bruny Island you could walk along and pick up large pieces of kelp, but today with climate change it’s just not there anymore.”

The Women’s Art Prize Tasmania winner will be announced on April 3.