Emily Snadden – Autumn Treasures

Jeweller, Emily Snadden’s spectacular gold, sapphire and diamond work of art, The Turning of The Fagus/Snow at Crater Lake, is the culmination of a life’s work. Her ode to that May ritual where people flock in wonderment to the island’s highlands as leaves of the small fagus trees, found only in Tasmania, erupt as she explains “in a spectacular show of autumn colour, often combined with dustings of snow.”

Emily’s masterpiece is anchored by a brilliant 2-carat Australian sapphire, custom cut into the shape of Crater Lake at Cradle Mountain. “This is a brilliant high-quality gem – and it is pretty big,” Emily enthuses. “There is a real resurgence for natural Australian ‘parti’ sapphires which dazzle in an array of colours. This one is a blend of blue and green representing the colours of the lake.” The hand-crafted branch style neckpiece which curls around the wearer is fashioned out of yellow, white, rose and green gold to “mimic the autumnal turning of foliage through the use of graduated gold on delicately hand carved leaves.”  A dusting of diamonds represents highland snow.

The Turning of The Fagus/Snow at Crater Lake is the centrepiece of Emily’s new mini-collection. But, if your budget doesn’t permit, there are other more affordable pieces for sale at Handmark – all delicate, detailed and dazzling displays of Autumn glory!

View Emily’s exquisite collection here.