Celebrating Tasmanian Print Makers

Two years ago when printmakers, Melissa Smith and Helen Mueller were telling me about their idea of having an exhibition of Tasmanian printmakers, both emerging and established on-line at May Space in Sydney in July 2021, I immediately said that it would be great to also have an exhibition of this group at Handmark in 2022.  Prior to this, the wonderful Ray Arnold also presented the “May Space” group at the Unconformity Festival in Queenstown last October.

Some of the artists in the “May Space” exhibition were represented by Handmark, and I wanted to invite all our Handmark printmakers to join as well.

This Handmark exhibition marks 15 years of my ownership of Handmark.  My first exhibition was called Printmakers of Tasmania and I saw it as one of my missions to promote this wonderful artistic medium of printmaking, that I believed to be very undervalued and under rated.  Michael Schlitz and Ray Arnold, although both represented by Bett Gallery were also in this first Handmark exhibition and it is great to have their work included in this show along with my wonderful Handmark artists.

I also asked Tom Samek’s wife, Tracey, if she had found any etchings that could be included  in this show. I am thrilled that she has given us two special pieces.

Please celebrate the work of:  Antonia Aitkin, Raymond Arnold, Tim Coad, Rebecca Coote, Mindy Dore, Katina Gavalas, Nic Goodwolf, Kaye Green,  Kit Hiller, Jan Hogan, Jennifer Marshall, Diane Masters, Helen Mueller, Olivia Moroney, Lex Palmer Bull, Jonathan Partridge, Alex Pitt, Mandy Renard, Natasha Rowell, Tom Samek, Michael Schlitz and Melissa Smith.

Allanah Dopson