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I look to create pieces that people can engage with on a number of levels; a synergistic meld of form and function.

I take inspiration from natural forms, seeking to pare them back to their essence and apply this to my work. I am particularly drawn to the ocean: I find it a source of inspiration and revelation. When I emerge from the surf, I feel invigorated and able to find creative solutions to design challenges.

I strive to create pieces which have enduring appeal without an enduring environmental legacy. My work combines new digital technology with traditional techniques. The resulting objects are hand-finished and assembled, ensuring quality and artistic integrity.

With a background as an electrician, I studied Fine Art at Cooloola Sunshine Institute of TAFE, where I pursued my interest in sculptural forms. Looking to extend my practice by combining my practical skills with creative influence, I enrolled in a Bachelor of Environmental Design (Furniture) at the University of Tasmania, graduating with Honours in 2017. I now work as a designer-maker in my own Launceston studio.

Launceston furniture makers have access to such a diverse range of timbers, including some specialty timber species endemic to Tasmania. I have been able to build strong relationships with manufacturers, effectively generating a manufacturing hub and helping to build Tasmania’s creative economy, a goal I am passionate about.

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