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Bethany Van Rijswijk

My artistic practice developed from my desire to make visible the enchanted worlds of ritual and myth.

As a collage artist, I like to create imagined mythologies from found images and phrases. My work is often concerned with the private lives of women and their historical association with otherworldly ritual.

Following my studies in ancient history, mythology, and folklore, I have grown interested in the ‘re-enchantment’ of the industrial world. I often return to themes of seasonal rites, sympathetic magic, invisible labour, and pre-industrial time.

Though my work engages with the mythological and historical, it also has its origins in the land on which I was raised and still reside. A Tasmanian alpine orchid, a Renaissance nude, and a Magdalenian figurine may exist side by side. Boundaries of time and place are dissolved; the personal becomes the universal.

I am based in Hobart, though my visual art has been exhibited nationally and overseas. I have also been granted residencies in Cradle Mountain, New Zealand, and Sweden; and my poetry and prose have been published in journals across the world.

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