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Alexandra Pitt Painter

My work is a reflection of the beauty I see around me, and the memories and experiences I have each day.

I am particularly interested in the landscape and natural world, and am inspired by decorative objects and design. The use of line is paramount and I enjoy the expressive quality, fluidity, and spontaneity of line in drawing and painting.

I studied at the University of Tasmania’s School of Art, majoring in painting and printmaking. I was born in Hobart, and my descendants arrived by boat in 1803, which makes me feel a strong connection to the landscape, its history, and my own sense of place here.

There is strong familial link to art practice on both sides of my family. My mother’s collections of my great-grandfather’s intricate and whimsical ink drawings on love letters and envelopes; the drawings and books passed down on my father’s side from Louisa Anne Meredith, whose paintings, lithographs, and writing about the life of her time in early Tasmania have had a significant influence and impact on my own work.

I am grateful my family has strongly encouraged me to explore my passion, which has led me to a rewarding and inspiring art teaching career, and the opportunity to develop my own work.

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