olivia moroney
My work explores my continuing engagement with the Highland plateau and the Midlands of Tasmania. Through regular trips to these two areas I engage and question elements of the landscape, immersing myself in these environments becoming a witness to its multifaceted qualities. The juxtaposition between the natural and the man made has become a preoccupation and I aim to evoke my experience of moving through and within these places. Repeated motifs such as power poles become a regular occurrence in the landscape, as in the work and act as a way for me to enter into these sites.

I draw and sketch my impressions and experiences whilst in the site, returning to the studio to develop the images on plates. The medium of etching allows overlaying and juxtaposition of the two places into the same work. The plates become etched with the memory and the knowledge I have gained from these sites. They aim to evoke the Tasmanian experience of landscape. The square format acknowledges the space between the portrait and the landscape in which the body is immersed. By working in this way multiple viewpoints are encountered in the work. There is a complexity in the landscape with tight claustrophobic spaces and the more expansive open air of paddocks and roads. These complexities are explored in the work by dealing with the thresholds of space that occur in the landscape.

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