up-and-coming | philip james mylecharane ― painter | portraits

image details: philip james mylecharane, self (head limb movement), 2024, oil on board, 41 x 50 cm

Philip is on a mission to bring portraiture which is “often overlooked and quietly lurking in the background” onto centre stage. “With so much focus on landscape, painting portraits is something that is missing in modern contemporary art. In fact, in many ways this is one of the most relevant forms of art today, as there is nothing more important than looking closely at ourselves.” And that’s exactly what Philip does.

In Self Philip explores his inner world. Oils painted onto board, allude to collages that are “not quite abstract and not quite realistic, leaving everything a little intangible.” He believes that “rather than emulate, painting can invent a way to understand and comprehend reality” and is excited to present his own unique style to a public audience. But Philip is just as excited to connect with other bright local talents in Handmark’s Emerging Artist exhibition.