tonya gilbett ― song of naiads

Greek mythology and the siren song of the water nymphs, or Naiads, wraps itself around Tonya Gilbett’s beautiful new jewellery.  Bursting with a passion for ancient myth, Tonya brings the stories in her mind to life with this stunning and very distinctive collection.

Just like the nymphs who guard flowing waters with their siren spells, Tonya’s latest collection, Song of the Naiads, also has an irresistible lure. It features sparkling opals, diamond sprinkles and golden water lilies: “In my imagination, the pond where those waterlilies grow would be protected by the beautiful Naiads from ancient mythology,” Tonya explains.
Every piece in this collection is handmade and one of a kind. A highlight is the large free-form Australian opal pendant, surrounded by six hand-carved water lilies anchoring a single diamond. There are also statement rings with hard to miss creamy opals, and elegant drop earrings with opals dangling from clusters of delicate lilies.

As well as overwhelming beauty, there is a deep symbolism in Tonya’s jewellery. “Just like the alluring siren songs of the Naiads, this collection empowers the wearer to find their own unique song and give them the courage to share it with the world.”

Tonya Gilbett’s Song of the Naiad jewellery collection is now on display at Handmark.