the emerging landscape

Image: Skye Mescall, Kunanyi Sketch III (almost unnoticed), 2022, oil on board, 20 x 25 cm

The newest members of the Handmark team – Maddie Davies and Peter Noakes – have been tasked with unearthing this exciting new talent: “I thought it would be a great idea to discover some young artists, and who better to ask than Maddie and Peter who are their contemporaries,” Handmark Director, Allanah Dopson explains.

Maddie and Peter handpicked 18 local artists. Each will take part in Handmark’s Emerging Landscape Exhibition, which is timed to coincide with the Hadley’s Art Prize and celebrates our landscape: “All the artists have been selected for their diverse array of practices and approaches to materiality, incorporating painting, printmaking alongside digital and mixed media,” Maddie and Peter explain. “The exhibition includes reflections on identity, regeneration, psychological aspects of place, repurposing colonial materials and transformation of the landscape.”

For 15 years Handmark has been celebrating the exceptional talents of local artists. And, with the Emerging Landscape Exhibition the gallery continues its dedication in further exposing the creativity and ingenuity found in Tasmania to local, national and international audiences.

This month we profile three exciting new talents; a young palawa woman who is proudly promoting First Nations culture; a painter with an illustrious artistic heritage; and a recent arrival who pays homage to his new Tasmanian home.

However, each and every one of the 18 young artists we showcase in our Emerging Landscape exhibition – which opens this Friday – truly deserves a story in their own right.

Artists: Amalea Smolcic, Andy Moneghittie, Anna Brooks, Corrina Howell, Elizabeth Braid, Eloise Daintree, Emma Bingham, Jade Irvine, James McAlpine, Jeewan Suwal, Josh Prouse, Liam Baker, Nathaniel Hiller, Qom Hart, Rhi Hamilton, Skye Mescall, Sophie Hall and Tessa Parsons.