small sculpture honour ― mona choo

Mona Choo describes herself as a multi-disciplinary artist. So, to be short-listed for an important sculpture award is a rare honour indeed.

It was Mona’s interplay of drawing, sculpture and shadow that caught the judges eye in the Uranga Small Sculpture Award, which is based in regional NSW. “I feel very honoured and humbled,” she tells us. “Honoured because I am not trained as a sculptor, and humbled that my work is among such accomplished sculptors.”

Mona entered a delicately transparent piece from her successful Stuck series. Described as a ‘three-dimensional drawing,’ Mona draws a figure onto a sheet of clear acrylic then moulds it by hand to explore “the ambiguity that lies between the two-dimensional surface and three-dimensional object.” However, it is the interplay between light and shadow that really brings Mona’s art to life: “With light, the shadow-drawings that emerge add another dimension blurring the lines between where the sculpture ends and the shadows begin, much like the ambiguity that currently exists at the boundary between consciousness and brain.”

In the meantime, Mona – who is now based at Cygnet after years of living between Tasmania and Singapore – continues to explore all artistic mediums with exquisitely beautiful results: “Because my work is conceptual, the medium I create with is the one that can most effectively communicate the concept I am wanting to convey.”