showcasing handmark jewellers ― precious exhibition at QVMAG

Our island’s contemporary jewellers are celebrated for their unique pieces of wearable art. Now, these sculptural creations are being showcased in a major exhibition – and Handmark’s talented artists are leading the charge.

Jewellery as an artform takes centre stage at the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery (QVMAG) exhibition Precious in Launceston. “We really want people to see that Tasmania is a wonderful and important creative space for contemporary jewellers” QVMAG curator, Kate Davies explains. “The beauty and skill of their work is incredible, and we wanted to show this talent and diversity.”

This is QVMAG’s first exhibition in 20 years dedicated to those who explore, delight in, and expand the possibilities of jewellery as art. Sixteen people were invited to showcase their unique sculptural pieces, amongst them Handmark’s talented Janine Combes, Emma Bugg, Lola Greeno, Linda van Niekirk, Anna Webber, Anita Dineen, and Shauna Mayben.

Precious presents a fascinating juxtaposition of traditional with the unexpected, and it is hoped that emotions around these narratives and ideas will stay with the viewer long after they leave the gallery. And Katie, it seems, is the perfect person for the job. “I just love jewellery, and whenever I go travelling, I always pick up a unique piece to remind me of that special place.”

The Precious exhibition runs until October at QVMAG in Launceston.