sebastian galloway — suspended in bloom

Sebastian Galloway won the 2021 Glover Prize with his haunting painting on copper, View of Mt Lyell through an Acid Raindrop. This same technique is used to stunning effect in his Suspended in Bloom solo exhibition.

Working with oils on copper is a traditional medium. But Sebastian gives it a modern twist. “Paint usually covers the entire surface, but I leave a lot of the copper exposed which is a distinctive feature of my work.” It also gives his paintings “a sculptural quality as they are reflected in the surrounding copper, producing an almost three-dimensional effect.”

Flowers are the subject of choice and Sebastian unveiled 17 new oils on copper, all beautifully executed in his signature photo-realistic style. Stare in wonder as translucent bunches of flowers seemingly float upon the copper surface.

But there is one painting that looms large – both in size and achievement. In unapologetic detail it depicts the transition of seasons, as a mass of roses and other winter flora give way to springtime, with daffodils, camellias and magnolias. Years in the planning and execution, you could call this Sebastian’s Opus: “Truthfully, this is my most challenging work and it would be too depressing to count how many hours I have spent on it. This painting totally consumed my life.”

Sebastian Galloway’s Suspended in Bloom exhibition and runs until January 1.