peter gouldthorpe ― landscape on the overland track

Drawn by the light and landscape, Cradle Mountain and its iconic Overland Track has been a magnet for artist Peter Gouldthorpe ever since he first stepped foot on Tasmanian soil in the early 70’s. He has walked the Overland Track half a dozen times, and is now excited to share both his passion for the area and passion for landscape art.

In January next year, Peter will be hosting an ‘Art Walk’ on the Overland Track which runs from Cradle Mountain to Lake St Clair. It’s a challenging six-day trek through incredible wilderness, with regular stops each day to paint an ever-changing landscape that ranges from mountains to forests to open button grass plains.

“This is an incredible area to paint. The light and the colours are just so special,” Peter enthuses. “Everywhere you look there is some beauty. Mossy plants, waterfalls, light on the mountains. And then there is the flora, like ancient pencil pines that are just gorgeous in themselves. There is just so much.”

So much in fact, that Peter’s upcoming exhibition later this year at Handmark will be devoted to paintings inspired by his many hikes along the Overland Tracks.

Meanwhile, for his next trek – the ‘Art Walk’ – Peter will be on hand to offer advice, help and inspiration, but says he doesn’t want to be too prescriptive: “I will say – paint whatever you fancy.”

Cradle Mountain Huts ‘Art Walk’ with Peter Gouldthorpe: January 30 – February 4, 2021