Olivia Moroney – From the Source

For young artist, Olivia Moroney, her upcoming joint exhibition, From the Source, is a ‘pinch-me moment’.  She is sharing the stage with her art college mentor, Jan Hogan, who also opened Olivia’s first solo exhibition, exactly six years ago at Handmark.

Olivia credits Jan with “helping me to understand my place in art,” and says, “showing with her is a wonderful opportunity.” And, while Olivia will be presenting a handful of watercolour and charcoal drawings, From the Source is all about prints. Again, the dramatic vistas of the Southern Midlands surrounding her parent’s property at Jericho, where her studio is located, becomes her touchstone.

In this exhibition of new works, Olivia takes us on a journey through this uniquely Tasmanian countryside she knows so well. Using mono-chromatic tones and silhouettes of trees on rolling hills, she employs simple markings to powerful effect. In Arrival we reach a familiar point on the road “three big trees and a power pole” which signals to Olivia she is almost home. “They are there as you arrive, but also there as you leave, pulling you both into, and out of, the landscape.”

In a short time, Olivia has quickly amassed a loyal following for her distinct style and uniquely Tasmanian rural landscapes. This exhibition will only enhance that further.

Jan Hogan & Olivia Moroney’s From the Source exhibition runs from April 21 – May 5