mother’s day — wondrous women

A new group of Sally Curry’s iconic women will arrive at Handmark – just in time for Mother’s Day, May 10.

And, with mum’s special day just around the corner, could there be a more perfect gift? These small playful ceramic women have attained something of a cult status, with Sally “making hundreds” over the past 20 years.

“They are definitely not ladies,” Sally laughs. “They are all individual women, each with their own distinct personality. One of the new creations that I will be bringing to Handmark is a lovely but rather gouged woman who has been battered by Corona Virus.”

She will be joined by a serene woman with a moon-like face and shell hat, that Sally has named ‘Full Moon, High Tide’. A beautiful angel will also make an appearance.

There is nothing more memorable than a gift of art to spoil mothers on their special day. And one of Sally’s unique women is a gift to treasure for life.