Mandy Renard — special celebration

The champagne corks were popping as Handmark held a special celebration for Mandy Renard, who has just delivered the last hand-coloured prints from her Rewilding exhibition. Mandy’s teenage son, Hamish, even performed a special song he wrote especially for her.

It’s been a Herculean task. Mandy has spent the last two years working flat-out to fulfill orders from her hugely successful solo exhibition of prints that was held in March 2021. This was a mammoth effort involving long hours, working six days a week on this, and nothing else!

The overwhelming response to Rewilding caught everyone – especially Mandy – by surprise. Featuring 18 works, each with an edition of 30, Mandy quickly sold more than 200 prints: “Never in my wildest dreams did I expect it to be such a sell-out success. But then, the hard work really began. All my prints are multi-layered dry point etchings and hand coloured. This is a very complex, and time -consuming, process.”

The ‘rewilding’ movement is a passion close to Mandy’s heart. It believes leaving nature alone is the path to environmental rejuvenation. And now after her crazy two years, Mandy is planning some rejuvenation of her own with a six-month sabbatical.