mandy renard ― ‘wild’ women

Aptly called Rewilding, Mandy Renard’s current exhibition is her ode to magnificent ‘wild’ women and a glimpse of what could be.

Mandy is passionate about ‘rewilding’ and hopes her stunning prints will ignite the same passion in others.

Rewilding is a rapidly growing movement that seeks environmental restoration through the return of land to wildlife and letting nature take care of itself. But it is also a state of mind that implores us to embrace a more natural way of life as the path to physical, mental, and spiritual completeness – and a better world.

“We need to re-wild our lives. I want people to see they are part of the world, and the world is part of us,” Mandy explains. “A rewilded mind, and a rewilded world, will create a more holistic, harmonious future and lead to the greater good.”

The Rewilding exhibition is a celebration of possibility. Of what the world can be. We view magnificent wild women wrapped in snakes, leaves and waves. Adorned with flowers, butterflies, and birds. In one powerful work a woman is made of fish to impart Mandy’s message that we are an integral part of the ecology of this planet: We eat a fish, and the fish becomes part of us.

Mandy’s art invites us to imagine our own rewilding: “A rewilded woman is a magnificence to behold. Awe inspiring, powerful, beautiful. But perhaps there is only one thing more magnificent than a rewilded woman, and that is a rewilded world.”

Mandy Renard’s Rewilding exhibition runs until April 6.