kaye green: bonsai pilgrimage

50 years ago, Handmark artist Kaye Green spent 12 months in Japan, and it changed her life forever. Now, to celebrate this special milestone, she is unveiling 50 Bonsai Prints.

Kaye calls it her Bonsai Pilgrimage. An incredible project that will hold centre court at Handmark’s Works on Paper exhibition. Over the course of a year, Kaye produced 50 small lithographs of that most Japanese of icons – the bonsai tree – to commemorate the 50th anniversary of her odyssey, which began when she spent a year in Japan on student exchange: “The experience completely transformed my life and my art, and this is my tribute to that amazing country. Bonsai Pilgrimage is the most emotionally deep project I have ever been involved in.”

Imbued with a pared-back aesthetic, people are always telling Kaye her art looks “very Japanese.” Her Bonsai prints are no exception. Although, in this case there has been experimentation with Kaye adding torn up Japanese rice paper resulting in a collage type print. “I had no idea how this was going to end up, But, when I pulled it out of the printer I was elated. It adds another dimension visually and artistically.”

Just what is the allure of Japan? “They see beauty and art in everything. Even daily tasks, like preparing a lunch box, are done with such love and care that the results are exquisite.” So too, is Kaye’s incredible Bonsai Pilgrimage.

Wonderful new works on paper by our Handmark stable will also adorn the walls.

Works on Paper runs from March 9 – 27 at Handmark Gallery Hobart.