katina gavalas ― comforting art

As we struggle in an uncertain world, the beautifully delicate prints of Katina Gavalas wrap us in nostalgia and comfort.

New art by Katina takes pride of place at Handmark’s annual Works On Paper exhibition. She hopes they transport the viewer back to the time when the world was a more peaceful and certain place.

Intricate swathes of lace, and beautiful sheer fabrics draped over the hint of a female form are Katina’s trademark. Reaching back into her past, Katina’s prints may reference a beloved piece of embroidery sewn by her grandmother, or a treasured swatch of fabric that caught her eye years ago.

“Much of my work is about family heirlooms, like trinkets passed down through the generations,” Katina reveals. “They are a tribute to the workmanship of these beautiful pieces which evoke past memories.”

Works on Paper will feature three of Katina’s just completed prints. All of them reflecting her transition from fashion designer to artist: In Red Roses the female body is celebrated and swathed in a sheer fabric; A lace slip in Sunday Grace echoes a bygone era; while a delicate petticoat springs to life in Romantic Essentials.

“It’s always about fabric and dressing the body,” Katina explains. “And I hope when someone sees my work it brings joy by taking them back to a time when they felt warm and comforted.”