junko go ― all about… audaciously precarious

The dreamy pastel palette of Junko Go’s All about… Audaciously Precarious exhibition is pure poetry. It is also a milestone event, marking her silver anniversary – 25 years of exhibiting with Handmark.
Combining her Japanese heritage and Australian vernacular, Junko has created unforgettable “manifestations of whimsy.” A striking combination of painting, drawing and storytelling, produces art bathed in soft hues of pink, green and orange that “at first glance appears a simple motif, but becomes a multi-faceted story with intertwining imagery.”
Junko uses art to explore “dichotomies and express profound truth.” And, in All about… Audaciously Precarious, she examines fickle shifts in perception. In the large-scale abstract, Relationship, Junko suggests connection is audaciously precarious as “we cannot keep them alone, hoping that they’ll keep fresh”; similarly, Luck is audaciously precarious with Junko asking whether “some people luckier than others?”; even being a Princess is a precarious business. Inherited pedigree produces admiration but “responsibility is a pain in the neck.”
These whimsical pastel abstracts are a sharp contrast to Junko’s previous Handmark outing – a dramatic collection in black and white. But then, this highly respected artist constantly strives to present different concepts, colour palettes and sizes: “Making each exhibition look very different is always my priority.”
Junko Go’s All about… Audaciously Precarious exhibition runs until October 24