julie payne — vivid colour

Julie Payne’s upcoming exhibition at Handmark Evandale, Colour + Pencil, is awash with colour as it showcases her exciting new drawing technique.

This is the latest incarnation for the self-confessed ‘chameleon’ who began in architecture, before moving to sculpture, and now experiments with an endless array of artistic mediums and subject matter.

“I would describe myself as eclectic,” Julie muses. “I am always looking for the concept, always looking for new ideas, and always changing to explore new ways of doing things.”

Julie’s experimentation has created stunning works for Colour + Pencil, that have a ‘robust painterly vividness’ while maintaining the ‘delicacy and details of fine point drawing’. She begins with a watercolour wash, then adds detail and intensity with coloured pencils and sharpness with graphite. Varnish not only protects, but further brightens colours.

Colour and concept are centre stage, and to remove any personal angst about subject matter, Julie adopted a simple remedy.

“I decided to draw flowers because they have such wonderful colour,” Julie explains. “And, whenever I needed to produce my next artwork, I would pop down to the Salamanca Markets and grab any bunch of flowers that took my fancy.”