julie payne ― sketching and soaring cliffs

With its towering cliffs soaring up from the sea, the Three Capes Track is an incredible place to hike. It is also an incredible place to draw. Add to that, the experience of bedding down each night in a lodge after a sumptuous meal, and the Three Capes ‘Art Walk’ is a magical experience.

It is also an experience that acclaimed Tasmanian artist, Julie Payne, will help a very lucky group of people treasure forever, through the creation of a travel journal which will record their own personal story.

When Julie host’s a four-day ‘Art Walk’ next April on the Tasman Peninsula’s Three Capes Track, guests will be stopping along the way to draw their daily observations. Under her expert guidance, they will create enduring memories using watercolours, washes, ink pens and pencils in a special concertina journal.

“I have been keeping journals of my travels for 30 years, and they are among my most treasured possessions,” Julie explains. “In fact, I hardly take photos anymore because what I want to see is far more refined in the drawing process.”

Acclaimed for her dedication to drawing and attention to detail, Julie also has a wealth of teaching experience. Wisdom to share at days end over a fine wine: “This is a chance to have a lovely time with a small group of people, but also to recalibrate the way you are looking at the landscape  and taking that journey.”

Three Capes Lodge ‘Art Walk’ with Julie Payne: April 9 -12, 2021