jonathan partridge — my lovely one

Many of us associate Jonathan Partridge with subliminally beautiful multi-panelled prints. However, expect to be delightfully surprised by his incredible breadth of talent in Handmark’s My Lovely One showing.

The theme is familiar. Shrouding art in a meditative Japanese aesthetic, Jonathan immerses himself in Tasmania’s ancient landscape. Moods alter as we gaze across the individual panels in these large works “which can each be a thousand different things.” But, what is not so familiar is the focus on painting in My Lovely One. “I have always worked with a number of disciplines over the years, but I probably love painting the best. I love the immediacy and intimacy of putting paint down.”

Jonathan will unveil six extraordinary new paintings in this solo exhibition. Large panelled landscapes that present vast images with big mountain vistas. Once again black cockatoos make their way across the sky “evoking a feeling of deep-time”. But, Jonathan also treats us with some of his trademark prints that evoke the power and beauty of the wild landscape in a “communion with nature.”

Also expect ceramics. This extraordinary artist has created small, totemic animal deities, and perhaps most surprisingly, “a couple of hundred hand-glazed cups,” one made every morning as part of Jonathan’s artistic discipline. My Lovely One is the artist’s homage to the beauty in the landscape around us. But, it also challenges the viewer to look closely at the beauty within each of us.

Jonathan Partridge’s My Lovely One exhibition runs at Handmark from September 22 – October 9. Register online for a preview here