jock young — effects of light

As the world grapples with seemingly endless problems, the joyful and vibrant paintings in Jock Young’s Effects of Light exhibition are the perfect antidote.

Infused with a sharpness of light and bright colours that leap off the canvas, Jock’s 40 new oils transport us to a happy emotional place. “I am not trying to imbue my paintings with any deep message, I simply love to create something that is beautiful and makes people feel uplifted,” He does this with stunning Tasmanian waterscapes in his trademark abstract style. “I often start out in realist mode, but find I continually break down the landscape into minimal shapes, colours, and patterns.”

Water is a constant artistic theme for Jock who grew up by the ocean and is still a keen surfer. Another constant is the effect of light: “When we see a sunset or sunrise it takes us to a different place.” Witness the large painting, Soft Light, where we gaze across Geilston Bay in a work that started out as very complicated, but ended up pared down to powerfully simple, light drenched forms.

So, how does this latest series of works – painted over two years and mostly in the studio – contrast with Jock’s previous landscapes? “I think this exhibition is more contemplative than my others, and has the feeling of places that are more transcendent.” But, above all, Jock simply paints what brings him joy – and to us also.

Jock Young’s Effects of Light exhibition runs at Handmark Gallery from November 24 until December 12.