jeewan suwal ― psychogeography

Jeewan Suwal is a rising young talent who uses art to integrate into his new Tasmanian home. Jeewan’s first exhibition at Handmark, The Psycho of Geography, maps the emotional journey he takes during struggles to find a new sense of place.

Just before Covid brought the world to a standstill, Jeewan and his wife uprooted from Nepal for a new life in Hobart. It was a time of excitement and freedom, but also one of longing and displacement. Jeewan found solace in his new geographical surrounds. The cool climate and colours of Hobart set against the dramatic backdrop of Mount Wellington reminded him of the Kathmandu Valley he had left behind.

Ranging in size from large to small, Jeewan’s abstract landscapes elicit a strong emotional response. In the powerful piece, Nature, which Jeewan describes as “a montage of mountain, water, air and light that expresses how I fit into my new surroundings,” a palette of cool blues and grey depict emotional struggles. However, in Hobart Sunset vibrant colours splash the canvas expressing an optimism for the future and a new sense of belonging.

This exhibition may map Jeewan’s emotional journey, but his hope is that these paintings trigger similar memories for others. “Perhaps a composition or a colour or texture will take you to a different psychological place in your mind.”

The Emerging Artist Exhibition featuring Jeewan Suwal runs until July 17.