Jan Hogan – From the Source

Everyday Jan Hogan joins a watery under-world, where artistic musings help to bring a sense of connection. And, in her exhibition of new works – From the Source – with fellow print-maker Olivia Moroney, Jan invites us into this underwater realm.

Jan has a daily ritual. She gently lowers herself in the River Derwent “tracking along, the rocky outcrops to a favoured mossy ledge where I stand depending on tides, currents, and winds.” Afterwards, Jan draws the constant interplay she re-imagines between the rocks, seaweed, sand, and water. “This immersion invites people to become part of the fluidity of the environment. We are not separate. We are part of it.”

The drawings evolve into lithograph and woodcut prints. Employing a ‘chine colle’ technique, this esteemed Tasmanian artist uses tissue-thin Japanese paper to produce fluid organic abstractions in monochromatic tones. In Rippling Desire we look down into the water as seaweed patterns appear to float above one another. In Shifting Tunes they dance across the paper.

Jan has a message to share: Pause and observe patterns in nature, like the water, clouds, and stones. It will help you love your environment. “Holding smaller rocks in my hand I imagine navigating their internal accumulations and folds whilst their shadows remind me of their material presence.”

Jan Hogan & Olivia Moroney’s From the Source exhibition runs from April 21 – May 5