grande vue mansion ― art hotel

Art has breathed new life into a historic Hobart mansion that for many years has welcomed guests as a boutique hotel.

Holding court in Mona Street, Battery Point, the Grande Vue Hotel has long been a landmark. But new owners, Brock Gardner and Ashley Fleming, are giving the distinguished old lady a facelift – and art tops the list.

In fact, at the end of last year, when Brock and Ashley were handed the keys, one of their first stops was to visit Handmark Gallery, where they called upon Director Allanah Dopson to adorn the walls: “We are in the throes of revitalizing the Grand Vue, and art has been one of the biggest changes. It’s incredible just how much it has lifted the feel of the property,” Brock tells us.

As part of Handmark’s Art Consultancy service, Allanah spent hours with Brock and Ashley at Grand Vue selecting Tasmanian art that reflects their personalities and vision. Some of the pieces were especially commissioned, such as the three works that Tom Samek created for the Gin Room: “Whenever guests walk into the room, Tom’s prints immediately become the talking point. They revolve around martini glasses, olives and gin, and everyone loves his cheeky style!” Brock laughs.

And that is just the start. Other works, including a commissioned Battery Point Streetscape by Vika Fifita, are increasingly lining the walls, ensuring that this grand old lady is a showcase of fine Tasmanian art.