faridah cameron ― lyrical lines

Faridah Cameron’s delicate lines move in a rhythmic pattern across the canvas. No wonder her latest exhibition is named after that musical expression: Theme and Variations.

“My starting point for this body of work is my interest in the connection between all forms of human interaction, including music and art,” Faridah explains.

Nothing is separable. And, I suspect there are rhythms that run through everything.  It is these rhythms and tempi, harmonies and dissonances, melody lines and counterpoints, to which we respond when we make art.”

From Puccini to the Platters, music is always centre stage at Faridah’s Hobart studio. However, there is another influence that is just as powerful – sewing.

Faridah recounts how she learnt to sew as soon as she could read and write, and this early passion is infused in all her work. Her intricate works evoke imagery of textiles, weaving and stitching all done in her own unique method of painting.

“My work is abstract, and constructed with a threadlike application of paint that often resembles fabric,” Faridah explains. “They are a response to what happens, and I have long since abandoned any distinction between my life and my art.”