emma bugg― a concrete approach

Jeweller Emma Bugg loves nothing more than pushing the boundaries – even if that means using concrete.

For the last decade Emma has been exploring how to incorporate concrete into her coveted jewellery. These latest works will be on display at Handmark’s Still Life exhibition, featuring a bold collection of necklaces, earrings and rings where concrete replaces precious stones and decoration.

“I used to ride my bike a lot and would often be looking down at all the different textures and surfaces of the city. And I got to thinking it would be interesting to experiment,” Emma tells us. “To reconceptualise a common material that we see every day and walk across, and to frame it on the body, brings a new dimension to it. A new way to see it.”

It has taken years of trial and error for Emma to get to the point where concrete behaves the way she needs it to do. Working with industry experts she has discovered how to strengthen the material. Silver provides ‘the skeleton’ and framing.

Emma’s jewellery isn’t glitzy. It has an earthy connection. And, it is not just decorative either. These striking pieces also pay homage to the quiet strength of women.

As Emma explains: “There is something about us taking a material that is quite masculine, and then associating it back to the female form. I like it to be about strength – underlying strength.”