emily snadden ― highland fling

The delicate jewellery of Emily Snadden echoes her yearning for Tasmania’s Central Highlands and its wild landscape dotted with native flowers.

“My heart belongs to the Central Highlands. It’s where I spent my childhood roaming through the bush and fly-fishing with my parents and grandparents,” Emily recounts. “Exploring the highlands is part of my life and is my special place.”

In Emily’s latest collection, now on display at Handmark Gallery, high country wildflowers take centre stage dangling in delicate drop earrings, featuring in small brooches and hanging from pendants. It is a tribute to her beloved highlands and was born out of the COVID lockdown.

Trapped in the city during lockdown and unable to visit the rugged centre, Emily turned to art to fill the gap. She recounts one instance where, while walking through the streets with her daughter Maggie, the toddler picked up a twig with gumnuts which she took home as a little treasure. This twig became the inspiration for exquisite teaspoons which are destined to be handed down from generation to generation.

“I am interested in the way jewellery becomes a family heirloom and can really tell a story” Emily explains. “When I wander through the bush I collect little treasures, like flowers and stones, which become the inspiration for my jewellery, I love the idea that one day my pieces can be treasured by someone else as well.”