emerging artist profile ― nathaniel hiller

image: Nathaniel Hiller, Saturation, 2022, acrylic on canvas, 90 x 90 cm

Renowned Handmark printmaker, Catherine ‘Kit’ Hiller, is Nathaniel’s aunt. His father Peter is also an artist and teacher: “Every time I paint, I hear my father giving me lessons in my head,” Nathaniel laughs. However, despite this family pedigree, Nathaniel chose a career in corporate design. But, on a family holiday to Coles Bay five years ago, the lure of painting, became too much.

While kayaking Nathaniel took underwater photographs, and entranced by the rich colours, he became obsessed with painting what he saw. Saturation is the result. Described as ‘part realistic and part nature abstraction’ the famous Hazards dominate the background. The Freycinet Peninsula also comes to life in Anticipation, which captures the excitement of a trek to Honeymoon Bay.

Inspired by a childhood in Tasmania’s outdoors, Nathaniel’s paintings, which he does in his spare time, have a comfortable familiarity. They evoke memories of summers with family and friends: “People are always telling me they recognise the places in my paintings, and that is special.”