emerging artist profile ― jeewan suwal

image: Jeewan Suwal, Mount Wellington, 2022, acrylic on canvas, 122 x 92 cm

It sometimes takes an outside perspective to truly appreciate what we have. This is perhaps the case with the paintings of Jeewan Suwei, which reflects a deep love for his adopted homeland.

Just weeks before covid struck, Nepalese born and raised Jeewan, moved to Tasmania with his wife. Attracted by the “cool climate, clean air, and clear water,” Jeewan turned to art for solace as he faced lockdown in his new community. “Art is my retreat and brings me peace of mind.”

Jeewan’s abstract paintings pay homage to his new home. Using art to express how he feels, as well as what he sees, Jeewan’s Mount Wellington is a striking work that stirs powerful emotions. The looming peak reminds Jeewan of Nepal and makes him feel “safe.” While Hobart in all its winter glory is also a comfort when seen through Jeewan’s eyes.

In a blossoming career that netted him accolades in Nepal and India, it seems Jeewan has finally found his place. Afterall, this is where his daughter, Jeevika was born: “She is Tasmanian. This is her home.”