Don’t miss out: follow your favourite artist

Such is the popularity of Handmark artists, that most exhibitions are sold out – or virtually sold out – before they even open. “This is growing trend,” new Gallery Manager, Maddie Davies explains. “Pre-sales are often the only way you can buy art. There is simply not enough from our incredible artists to keep up with demand!” Determined to find a solution, Maddie developed Follow your Favourite Artist.

“The best way to secure art is to be on Handmark’s ‘Preview List’. This gives you an exclusive catalogue ‘sneak peek’ about a week before an upcoming exhibition, and the chance to buy before it opens to the public.”

Handmark’s ‘Preview List’ is not new, but there were difficulties with customers having to contact the gallery and specifically request one. However, now you simply head to our website and ‘click’ Follow Artist on all your favourites to automatically receive their preview catalogues when they are sent out. You can also ‘click’ Receive a Preview on our upcoming exhibitions page: “We realised how important it is for buyers to easily manage which artists they would like exhibition previews from, and we have come up with a solution we’re thrilled to unveil.”