diane masters ― maatsuyker magic

The magic of Maatsuyker Island takes centre stage at Handmark’s Works on Paper exhibition, as Diane Masters brings its wind-swept isolation to life with strikingly raw hand-cut prints.

Gnarled tea-trees bent to the ground by howling winds; towering cliffs battered by an unrelenting ocean; the omnipresent lighthouse; even the local character, Charlie the Cheeky Currawong, are all markers of daily life on this tiny speck off Tasmania’s rugged southwest which was also home to Diane, and husband David. They spent two six-month stints alone on Maatsuyker as volunteer caretakers “allowing us time to experience a deep engagement with nature. To live quietly and simply,” Diane explains.

In her 14 linocut prints, Diane marvels at the power of nature. “I admire the tenacity of the humble tea tree that dominate Maatsuyker. They don’t just survive, but also thrive in this wild landscape.”  She captures their beauty as we gaze through a sun-dappled tunnel of tea tree. Other flora, like the beautiful pink Heart Berry and Native Solomon Seal also make an impact. “There is always something new and flowering.”

But it’s the birds that really bring this tiny island to life. Green Rosellas, endemic to Tasmania add a splash of colour, while Charlie the Cheeky Currawong, a daily visitor, is demanding and full of character. “These linocuts express the joy that we felt everyday living on Maatsuyker.”