denise campbell ― vessels of life

Vessels of all shapes, sizes and meanings are a recurring theme in the paintings of artist Denise Campbell.

Seen from Above is Denise’s contribution to the upcoming Still Life exhibition at Handmark Gallery. In this beautiful pared-back work we peek inside two bowls and a metal jug. Their shapes echoed in a curved arch above.

Denise loves the simplicity and form of vessels: “No matter whatever mess is going on around you, these simple bold shapes capture your attention as something so beautiful in space.”

However, she also loves the fact that vessels are a metaphor for life: “Vessels represent safety and security, nourishment and nurturing. A small bowl holds sustenance, while a vessel at sea offers protection for those on board.”

As Handmark prepares for its Still Life exhibition, it could be argued that this art form has taken on a new significance during the COVID-19 crisis. Locked indoors, artists have had to turn inwards, finding inspiration amongst inanimate objects within their homes.

“When you are confined to your inner space, you notice things a little more and become more conscious of your surroundings because you are not rushing about,” Denise adds. “So, you have got time to sit and contemplate those everyday things around you in a brand-new light.”