bush bolthole ― art consultancey

Art is immersing guests in nature at Tasmania’s latest luxury offering.

Tucked away in a secluded bush block that reaches down to the ocean, The Bolthole Pirates Bay is taking accommodation on the Tasman Peninsula to a new level of luxury. Designed by award-winning architect, Craig Rosevear, this subliminally stunning house can accommodate up to 12 guests.

However, nature is the real star of this show: “Floor to ceiling windows blur the line between inside and outside,” The Bolthole owner, Anna Bayley explains. “We welcomed our first official guests last weekend, and they just loved it.”

But art also has a starring role.

Dotted throughout The Bolthole are the works of local artists, which according to Anna “reflect a connection to nature encompassing the ocean and the bush.” All have been carefully handpicked by the Handmark team as part of its Art Consultancy service. They include two striking prints from Mandy Renard depicting plants, birds and the ocean. The art of Melissa Smith, Nic Goodwolf and Jonathan Partridge also enhances The Bolthole.

“Handmark Gallery really understood what we were after and what we were hoping to achieve,” Anna adds. “There were so many amazing pieces of art to choose from, but they were able to guide us as to what would look good and where – and the results are brilliant.”