anna weber — kitchen creations

Innovation and bold creativity inspired jeweller Anna Weber to create stunning pieces that feature one very surprising common kitchen staple.

With a background in interior design, Anna turned to laminate to create striking works of art that stand out from the crowd: “I know of a couple of jewellers in the UK who have incorporated laminate into their designs, but I have never heard of anyone in Australia doing it,” Anna explains.

Always keen to experiment, Anna is using offcuts of laminates, just like that found on kitchen benches everywhere, to create splashes of colour and contrast. And, her latest collection featuring earrings and a brooch, is a testament to this creativity.

“The work I am doing at the moment is with recycled oxidized sterling silver and layers of brightly coloured laminate,” Anna explains.

“I always love to explore how recycled materials can be incorporated into my works. It’s important that we don’t just see jewellery in that very narrow focus of gold, diamonds and that sort of thing.”