alex wanders — modern times

Childhood memories of Hobart’s mid-century monuments inspired Modern Times, where the wonderfully stark abstracts of Alex Wanders casts old friends in a new light.

Growing up in 1970’s Hobart, these quirky modernist icons loomed large. “They are markers in my memory that have the comfortable familiarity of an old friend. As a painter I am always drawn to the structures around us because they shape the way we live and think.” Modern Times, an exhibition of new paintings, is part nostalgia, part observation and part invention exploring how these special places still impact our lives.

Everyday Alex would drive past the railway roundabout on his way to school. Built in 1963, he would marvel at this futuristic space age fountain which “stood apart from the mundane and offered an exciting glimpse into how life could be.” Sixty years later, through the eyes of an artist he marvels at its “timeless symmetry of curves and straight lines which are still very pleasing.” Alex’s striking pared back abstract of this modernist landmark is an exhibition highlight.

Another is the Cat and Fiddle Arcade. “As a boy this was always such an exciting place. Whenever we would go into town with mum the drawcard would be going to see the clock and play around the lovely, tiled fountain.” The fountain may be long gone, replaced with fast food outlets, but Alex brings it back to life in Modern Times – his nostalgic homage to Hobart.

Alex Wanders’ Modern Times exhibition runs from June 2 – 26